Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oracle Forms - REP-56048: ENGINE RWENG-0 CRASHED

If your Oracle forms crash due to error REP-56048: ENGINE RWENG-0 CRASHED. The problem is due to a large records retrieved. Then there are several solution:-

1) Restrict the number of records return by the reports. To less than 20000 for 4M java memory options.(solution 2)

2)Changed your report.conf at by adding the java memory as below. Example , i increase the jvmoptions to 4096k

class="oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl" id="rwEng" maxengine="1" initengine="1" jvmoptions="-Xoss4096k" callbacktimeout="90000" maxidle="30" englife="1" nengine="0"

3) Remove the "Remove & from Report" in the reports at the report builder. The causes is due to the the report need to process the number of page and this requires a lot of resources.

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