Monday, March 09, 2009

Import DataPump : Error after importing PLS-00103 - compilation error

If you encounter error PLS-00103 while using import data pump to import data pump data into a new database with Oracle 10g but dont have problem if using the import and export utility . (imp/exp) .

Then most probably you encounter the bug in oracle 10g. If the source package/procedure... is wrapped and uses mulitbyte character set when using the import data pump, it add extra line behind the wrap.

To workaround this , 1)use the imp/exp tools. 2) manually edit the source code to removed the extra lines. 3) Find and get the bug fixed patch in the metalink.

Impdp Returns ORA-39082 When Importing Wrapped Procedures
Metalink Note :- 460267.1

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