Sunday, June 07, 2009

IAS error - REP-56040: Server rep_ already exists in the network

If you encounter these error "REP-56040: Server rep_ already exists in the network", then there's a possiblity that the report services detected the same services name in other server. To find out if it can detect other report services , run below command.

In MS Windows: %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\rwdiag.bat -findall
In Unix: $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ -findAll

Broadcast mechanism used to locate servers------------------------------------------
Channel address = Channel port = 14021
(1) Name = : Type = server : Host =
(2) Name = : Type = server : Host =
(3) Name = : Type = server : Host =
(4) Name = : Type = server : Host =

notice, that the report server services appear on the different hostname. In the rwservlet.trc,
Exception 51002 (): Bind to Reports Server failed.

There's two way to resolve this , 1 way is to set different report_server name compare with other server or 2 , changing the naming method in the $ORACLE_HOME/reports/rwnetwork.conf

Uncoment the multicast and enabled the naming method. e.g.

multicast channel="" port="14021" timeout="1000" retry="3"/
!--namingService name="Cos" host="%NAMING_HOST%" port="%NAMING_PORT%"/--



!-- multicast channel="" port="14021" timeout="1000" retry="3"/--
namingService name="Cos" host="testserver" port="14021"

Metalink note:
- Intermittent REP-51002 or REP-56040 and Same Repserver is Displayed Multiple Times in Output, Note ID :563367.1
-REP-51002 And Rep-56040 if More than one OC4J_BI_FORMS Instance is Created, Note ID : 390412.1

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Rinalds said...

If you clone the environment, than even with the orb enabled discovery you will not be able to start the report server with the same name, to resolve this, you just need to delete the following file
rm $ORACLE_HOME/orb.db/NC0
and rerun the orb and report services.