Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oracle Forms -REP-56055 exceeded max connections allowed Oracle Reports Error

If you encounter the error, REP-56055 exceeded max connections allowed Oracle Reports Error then you need to increased the number of database connection in the reports configuration file.

1. Goto $ORACLE_HOME/reports/conf/ , find your server report name e.g. TestReport.conf

2. find the connection maxConnect= and set it to a higher values.

3. Restart the reports services .

There is also a possibilities that after you increase to high value on the maximum database connection , the error still persists.

If so, then if your reports takes a long time to generated out and has many pages the possibilities are that the number of session in 1 reports engine more than the reports engine can handled.

Then you need to changed the engineid , engine id="rwEng" engLife="50" to lesser values such as 5 and increase your maxEngine from 1 to higher value like 5.

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