Friday, March 26, 2010

Upgrading Oracle 10gR2 to Oracle 11gR2

Recently we upgrade our linux oracle 10gr2, to the Oracle 11Gr2.
Using the DBUA , below are the errors we encounter :-

1) Error ignored: ORA-00044: timed_statistics must be TRUE when statistics_level
is not BASIC. ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters

When we check our oracle 10gr2 parameter , we set the timed_statistics=false. To resolve this we turn it back to TRUE

2) Another error, oracle 11g unable to access our audit file dest, audit_file_dest. This is due to we're using another different id and group to install the oracle 11g. To resolve this we change the folder permission to world writable.

3) ORA-04023: Object SYS.STANDARD could not be validated or authorized.

To resolve this we try ,
1) Starts back the oracle 10gr2 , then run the below but still not working.

2) Follow metalink note, Upgrading to 11.1.0 and DBUA reports ORA-4023 On SYS.STANDARD [ID 729909.1] but still doesn't work.

3) In the end , we do the manually upgrading process. Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 11gR2 [ID 837570.1]
which seems don't have any problem.

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