Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Logical Standby with Apply Process Fails With ORA-308

Recently, we encounter the Logical Standby Apply Process Fails With ORA-308 while testing the logical standby. Due to the archive log in Logical is automatically delete after a while.

To solve it, we first stop the automatically delete archivelog
exec dbms_logstdby.apply_set('LOG_AUTO_DELETE', 'FALSE');

Then, We check the ASM diskspace for the archivelog that is needed by standby.
Then we copy the archive log to the local folder for transfering it to standby by issuing below . The FLASH_DIR and EXPORT_DUMP_DIR is oracle directory, FLASH_DIR is the ASM disk space like +FLASHGRP/TESTDB/archivelog/


After copying the file to standby, then we need to register the archivelog using below method.

Register the log file in standby

SQL> alter database register logfile '/TESTDB/archive/1_3470_694714878.dbf';

alter database register logfile '/TESTDB/archive/1_3470_694714878.dbf'


ERROR at line 1:

ORA-01289: cannot add duplicate logfile

If failed , then we have to update the logmnr table manually,

Stopped the logical standby.

SQL> alter database stop logical standby apply;

SQL> select file_name from system.logmnr_log$ where sequence#=3470;





FILE_NAME= 2 '/TESTDB/archive/1_3470_694714878.dbf' where sequence#=3470;

1 row updated.

SQL> commit;

Commit complete.

SQL> alter database start logical standby apply;

Database altered.

Logical Standby Apply Process Fails With ORA-308 [ID 274676.1]

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